Productivity Assessment, Training and Monitoring: Departmental Productivity standards and measures are too often only used to reduce staffing levels when a hospital is faced with a need for painful cost cutting. We believe that ongoing productivity tracking is a basic, day-to-day management tool that should reduce the likelihood that a hospital will be forced to cut staff during lean times. In order to accomplish this, Cimarron has developed a program which:

  • Trains managers in staffing by productivity standards and familiarizes them with the concepts of input and output of service as a measure of departmental purpose
  • Establishes standards by department in collaboration with the managers and CEO
  • Implements data collection methods and uncomplicated local reports
  • Provides periodic update of standards and retraining of current and new managers as needed

The partners of Cimarron Healthcare Strategies have written professional articles and taught classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels on the measurement and assessment of productivity. Much more importantly, we have implemented effective productivity management programs in the hospitals in which we served as CEOs. We understand how to account for the sometimes complex combinations of departments and functions in a smaller hospital and establish objective measures of output and input for those departments with reasonable standards to assess performance.