Cimarron Healthcare Strategies provides management consulting and project services to smaller hospitals (usually 150 beds or less). Our primary client is the hospital CEO, and our purpose is to provide that CEO with more effective and sophisticated tools for the hospital to thrive in the challenging environment of twenty-first century healthcare. Unlike management companies or larger system executives, we do not apply a “one size fits all” philosophy. Our approach is to address the unique needs of each hospital in those areas that have proven to be most important for success. These areas include:

  • Market Assessment / Business Planning
  • Optimized Billing
  • Payer Contract Compliance
  • Physician Value Alignment
  • Electronic Health Record Selection and Implementation
  • Productivity Assessment and Training
  • Facility Planning

One partner will personally manage each project and serve as the primary contact for the hospital, assuring clear understanding of purpose and prompt project completion.  Project pricing is determined in advance and, except for out of pocket expenses incurred by the project team, is fixed.

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Cimarron Healthcare Strategies, LLP
5016 Spedale Court #354
Spring Hill, TN  37174
Tel:  615-727-2149  Fax:  615-302-3912

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